Basic Pistol Course

As a NRA Instructor we offer a Basic Pistol Class. 

Instructor - Mario L

Defensive Pistol

Learn how to defend yourself with your Pistol!

Instructors - Daniel Beck

              Scott Reay

Adventure/Custom Classes

We offer a more adventurous program and custom classes tailored to your group.

Instructors - Daniel, Scott, Larry, & Mario

Basic Pistol


Safety is our top priority. You will learn handgun safety with different types of handguns.

How do they work?

You will learn the different parts and operation of many types.

Grip, Stance, and Sight Picture

You will learn how to properly hold/grip a handgun, stances, and how to aim.


We will discuss different types of gear such as holsters, belts, magazines pouches, and more!

Defensive Pistol


In every class we go over safety!

Role playing and Scenarios

Defensive Pistol is a hands on class that involves work mentally and physically. You will be placed in a scenario with a role player (bad guy/instructor) with a concealed weapon where you will need to defend your self and/or protect someone else. In this class we use UTM force on role player.

Force On Role Player

Force on role-player is when a person uses force (UTM non-lethal training ammunition) against a role player in a scenario we use to replicate a deadly situation were you will need to use deadly force in defense. This is the most realistic training you can get.

Adventure/Custom Classes


For the adventure we offer scenario skill building for the day. This can include but not limited to;

Team Tactics

Room Clearing

Mock up Home Invasions

CCW style attacks

Force on role player

Force On Role Player is when the attendees are using Force (Firearms using Non-Lethal Training Ammunition) on a Bad Guy/Role Player.

Force on Force

Force on Force is the most realistic training you can get. It entails the same as force on role player, but the role player can fire back! Use your tactics to survive the mission or scenario.